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My identity was stolen

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A few days ago i get a phone call, i was at work, but i still took the call and answered, no big deal, i can do that.And so i say – Helloand from the other side— Hello, this is the Interpol, you are receiving this call because your German identity was stolen. and i’m like – Year right, go fuck yourself.and hang up, and block the number Like for real? the interpol? 🙂 A few minutes later i get another call, i have a pixel 6, not sure if related but, it showed the caller id as “Train Company”…

I’m on the EDGE

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Yup, I’m using EDGE browser at the moment. Why? Well, I’m just trying it out. I had some audio issues and i suspected it was because of chrome, not sure how, does not make any sense, i know. But i just reinstalled windows 11 and I’m trying this browser for a bit. So far i used it for a day, more to come later.

I made myself a NAS and installed Windows on

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First, if you don’t know what a NAS is, it means Network Attached Storage. So basically you can use anything, or any device to store files on it, and call it a NAS. So, why did i installed Windows, why did i bothered with such a, let’s say heavy Operating System, when there are other better options and be light and possibly more secure. Well for my use case i couldn’t find an operating system to do what i needed, and i ended up using Windows 10. Now, back when i build my “NAS” i was searching for a smaller…

My thoughts on the Pixel-Buds-A

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I already had the pixel buds a in white, back in January, but after a week i returned them. Let me explain why. The reason i returned the buds back was that they didn’t stay in my ears properly, and they were falling out or feel lose after a while. Now i didn’t know back then that i was wearing them wrong, but i do now, yeah i bought a new pair couple of week ago, i will explain why later. So, i bought them in January, i tested them for a week, and boy i was a little disappointed.…

My pixel 6 review

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Right, let me talk a little about my experience with my pixel 6. I got the phone back in December 2021, and it has been a interesting experience, or was it… Now in this post i will talk about the following topics: Body / Build Performance Battery Camera Bugs Right, let’s start with the Body/Build, and how this phone is build. Well at first it felt a little bigger then my old phone, and it actually is, not only bigger but also thicker. While not by much, it is a difference, and since i have average sized hands, well it…