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My pixel 6 review

iuliancalin 2

Right, let me talk a little about my experience with my pixel 6. I got the phone back in December 2021, and it has been a interesting experience, or was it…

Now in this post i will talk about the following topics:

  • Body / Build
  • Performance
  • Battery
  • Camera
  • Bugs

Right, let’s start with the Body/Build, and how this phone is build. Well at first it felt a little bigger then my old phone, and it actually is, not only bigger but also thicker. While not by much, it is a difference, and since i have average sized hands, well it still feels big for me. The width of the phone is the same as my old phone (Huawei Nova 5t), it is taller, about 5mm, and a bit thicker, about 1 mm. Now i know it’s not much but it feels much bigger in the hand.

Now, i don’t really have a problem with this, it’s still a nice phone to hold and play with. Speaking about playing, will get to that later.

I will include here that the Display is also nice, but it felt a bit weird at first, and what i mean about that is that the colors were missing that blue color i was used to. The phone displayed the whites with a more yellow tint. That made it weird, but i got used to it.
Of course there are some small things to it that i noticed since i got it. Looking at the phone up close, i noticed that the display, even tho is glued on, it can move , and does not sit flush on the frame. There is a gap at the bottom, it’s about 0,5 to 0,8 mm, not much but i can just push with tho fingers on the display and see it move. Does this mean anything? I don’t know, and i don’t really care. I mean an long as it has a warranty, i’m fine. Obviously i don’t push on the display, and move it around, this was just a small notice as a was studying the phone up close at first. And to close the “bad” topic, i also noticed the small cover above the camera on the back is made out of plastic, oh i was disappointed as i scratched a corner of that cover.
Well that’s it. Great phone, my first Pixel phone, i guess i really wanted a pixel this time.

Performance, well, it’s, hm, fast? Yep, question mark. I don’t really play games if you expect to hear that, but it never felt slow. It’s snappy, can change apps very fast, can open apps very fast, can close apps very fast. and that’s about it. I personally didn’t had any issues with the phone lacking speed. More to that tho on the Bugs spectrum.

Battery, oh boy, this one was just, huh? “What? it’s been an hour and you all ready use 20% of battery, what the heck?”
Well let me tell you, the first few days i was constantly looking at the battery and could not notice how fast the battery percentage was going down. Now i really don’t know what the reason was but, at home, the battery was constantly discharging at a fast pace, meaning, i took the phone form charging at 7AM, and at about 6PM, there was only about 30% left. But at the same time, while being at work, with the same usage, same apps and stuff, from 7AM to 6PM i still had about 70% battery left. I mean what? ( yeah big eyes)
I don’t know the reason for this but it got better with February update, now the battery drains at about the same rate, ether home, at work or elsewhere.

Camera, it can take pictures, and videos 🙂
In my opinion, the camera is great, i never had a picture not being in focus. At the beginning there was a small bug (it still does that sometimes) that made the picture pixelated when viewed after taking it, but then after a few tries i just zoomed in and the image went to it’s normal sharpness. Some times that bug is still there.
Overall, it’s a great camera array, and ready for any situation. I am not a professional, and those few times i use the camera it does what it suppose to.

Right, so we got to the fun part, Bugs.
There are bugs, but to be fair, i really don’t notice them, i don’t really search for bugs. Even after watching a video were bugs are in focus, i have to really follow the so called “instructions” in that video to replicate and find that bug. I am not a tech savvy, and i don’t really care about those little bugs, except for those already mentioned above, yeah i said more to that later, but in reality i really don’t care about bugs. Sorry to disappoint you, i can imagine you hopping for a rant, but i’m not going to do that.

Ok, fine i will tell you that there was a bug with Bluetooth connection, where if the phone was not connected to a Bluetooth device, even if the phone was connected to that device, i couldn’t play music. In my example, i had the phone connected to my old car radio, but it was disconnecting when i was trying to play music. This was back in January, it got fixed, patched, and it’s gone now.

So, that’s it, as you can see i don’t really use my phone allot, and if i do, it’s just those usual stuff, browsing, shopping, searching information when needed.
Oh and right to the last, i don’t care about that fingerprint reader being slow, i’m fine with it. Sure sometimes i have to try 3 times but it unlocks. Actually i didn’t like my old phone being to fast, man every time i took the phone out of my pocket, i just miss touched that power button and the phone unlocked. So annoying.

How about you, do you have a pixel phone? If you don’t, do you plan to buy one? Do you really want one? Let me know what you think.

  1. Adam Adam

    I don’t have a pixel phone myself! I own a Samsung Galaxy S21+. Some friends of mine own Google Pixels but not as good quality as yours and they don’t seem to like it, really. They also complain about the battery life – to be fair though, they keep their phone charging in at 100% whereas I always keep my samsung between 20% and 80%.

    For me battery and speed are the most important and samsung delivered wholly for me. The Google Pixel you have seems to be good on speed/performance but not so much in battery, and knowing what I’ve heard about other google pixels being similar, I don’t really plan to get a Pixel

    I guess it does all depend on the price in the end… – what was the price of your phone?

    • iuliancalin iuliancalin

      Hi Adam, thanks for the comment . I guess i didn’t made it clear that the battery it actually got better after February update. So let me make it clear, battery life it’s amazing now, ofcourse for my use case.
      About the price, i got the phone back in December as mentioned, it was 649€, I’m not sure what that translate to dollars, but my guess is about 599? Around that.
      Last to mention i didn’t pay it in full, i used financial plan, it’s simpler for me.

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