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I made myself a NAS and installed Windows on

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First, if you don’t know what a NAS is, it means Network Attached Storage. So basically you can use anything, or any device to store files on it, and call it a NAS.
So, why did i installed Windows, why did i bothered with such a, let’s say heavy Operating System, when there are other better options and be light and possibly more secure.

Well for my use case i couldn’t find an operating system to do what i needed, and i ended up using Windows 10. Now, back when i build my “NAS” i was searching for a smaller PC that i could upload videos on Youtube from, without needing to keep my main PC on until the video finished uploading. So by having this small PC in another room i could also sleep better, not hearing any noise. To my main PC are also many stuff connected, that means more power, light always on and so on.

I tried many different operating systems like, Linux, different NAS specific operating systems, but could not find one to do an easy upload, and not only that but to be able to transfer files over network from my main PC.
Windows made this so much easier for me.
I didn’t have any peripherals connected to, no monitor, no other devices. I actually used Google Remote to connect to, start the file upload to Youtube, and basically that was just it. At this point the upload could run “in the background” over night.
I could go to sleep at this point, shutdown my main PC and comeback the next day to edit the details on the video uploaded.

Pretty smart huh? What do you think? 🙂

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