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My identity was stolen

iuliancalin 0

A few days ago i get a phone call, i was at work, but i still took the call and answered, no big deal, i can do that.
And so i say
– Hello
and from the other side
— Hello, this is the Interpol, you are receiving this call because your German identity was stolen.
and i’m like
– Year right, go fuck yourself.
and hang up, and block the number

Like for real? the interpol? 🙂

A few minutes later i get another call, i have a pixel 6, not sure if related but, it showed the caller id as “Train Company” , and i’m like, huh!!! ok fine, whatever and i answare

  • Hello
    • Hello, you are receiving this call beacause your German idetity was stolen bla bla
  • Hey, go fuck yourself, stop calling me (at this point i realized it’s a robot)

Ofcourse i hang up, blocked the number again, and i just had a tought, what the actuall fuck, i’m not even German you stupid idiots.

Just beacause i’m living in Germany and have a German phone number, that does not make me a German.

Well at least not yet, i still have to get some papers done and apply for it.

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